A full range of gluten-free products

Glunot offers a complete range of gluten-free products, pizza, bread, pasta, biscuits, muffins and cakes are made according to our unique recipes. Glunot provides also a range of mixes to prepare your own gluten-free products at home with the pleasure of having made them with your own hands while at the same having the best possible result guaranteed thanks to our advises and recipes. High quality of raw materials and ingredients wheat free,  preservatives free, palm oil free. With a balanced nutritional content even for those who have special dietary requirements.


Gluten-free, without sacrifising taste

I define myself an Italian heart in the heart of Norway. Trysil is a wonderful place where, thanks to my long experience as Executive Chef, I have begun my business to produce gluten-free products. In my work I have always experienced that those who, for health reasons or by choice, find themselves consuming gluten-free products, do so with the impression that they have to give up something in taste, in pleasure for the flavours and in the savour of food. I founded Glunot exactly with this mission, that is, to produce gluten-free products that satisfy every palate. I personally stand up for my products and I challenge you to the taste them!

Excellent flavour & taste

Our products are handcrafted and the result of our experience and many years of research and development of our recipes with the best ingredients.

Cookies & cakes

We offer to our customers different types of biscuits, shortbread biscuits and the traditional Tuscan 'cantuccini'.

Pizza base and bread

Tasty and genuine bases for 'Italian' pizza, as good as that you can eat at the pizzeria or for 'American' pizza to fill as you like.


Fresh pasta is one of the tipical excellent Italian food, a gluten-free product in which you will not notice the difference compared to normal products