The first gluten-free product: La Pizza

Pizza is universally recognized for its Italian character and perfectly represents how food can mean conviviality.

 It is enough to bring the pizzas to the table and accompany them with fresh drinks and the table with friends is transformed into the most classic of pleasures, that of enjoying each other’s company.


 In the same way, however, pizza is also a food frequently used as a meal that, if stuffed properly, is also nutritious.


Getting a gluten-free dough out of which it could be possible to produce a pizza ready to fill and bake and that also respected the criterion of the Italian tradition was a challenge not easy but that I won. My pizza is thin, with the edge slightly higher and crispy on the bottom and soft while tasting it and with leavening bubbles on the outer edges. Exactly like the best Italian pizzas and as a matter of fact like the best Neapolitan pizzas.

The second product on which I focused my research was bread

Bread is a food always present on any table but in particular on that of Italians. Italians do not use bread just to stuff it with the most different ingredients but also as a complement to other dishes. In this context it is famous the “scarpetta” (“little shoe”), an italian custom which means tearing off a piece of bread in order to dip it in the sauce or juices left on your plate. Although the little shoe is not considered ok when it comes to good manners, it is commonly regarded as the best compliment that can be made to those who prepared the dish.

Italian panini, baguette, bread for hamburgers or for hot dogs, for home cooking or for take-away: bread is anyway intended to be a very delicate product

Bread Baguette Glunot

Bread is a very delicate product

 It must be crisp on the outside but soft and airy on the inside. It must have its own flavor but not be too intrusive with respect to the dishes that will be accompanied, just in order to respect its role, that indeed is to approach other ingredients and dishes., fragrant breadcrumbs flavoured or natural, to be consumed on their own or to spread a soft cheese, a sauce with vegetables, or a sweet and sour sauce.

We couldn't forget the pasta

which represented a very difficult challenge for me. I had indeed to study and experiment for a long time to get a dough that had the right consistency to be drawn through the bronze dies as the tradition of Italian pasta makers provides for and that could cook without ending up in being sticky or too hard. I chose to make fresh pasta, because I think this is the only possible choice for a chef’s pasta, which could stand out in a clear manner compared to the many dried pasta on the market.

Then came desserts, shortbread biscuits for breakfast

or snacks, muffins, pies and cakes with fruit, carrots or chocolate, always having in mind the goal that I had set, that of making sweet and savory gluten-free baked goods that would leave the sensation of not missing anything in flavor and pleasure when compared to all the other products made with gluten.

The last gluten-free biscuit born in Glunot is the “cantuccino”: a dry biscuit with almonds typical of the Tuscan tradition. Generally in Tuscany the cantuccino is served together with the “Vin Santo”, a liqueur wine in which the biscuit can be dipped or simply enjoyed with.

Carrot Cake Glunot

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