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Our Goals and Purpose


Without compromise

The mission is:

to make products without gluten, without any compromise for the pleasure and the taste of food in compliance with my history as chef and my Italian origin.

For me giving up compromises means above all:

– select raw materials of the highest quality;

– do not use products containing GMO;

– do not use deglutinated flours;

– hydrogenated fats free;

– preservatives free;

– palm oil free;

I worked long to find the right mix of ingredients and to improve all aspects of the production in order to get a unique product with a quality level achieved that is fully equivalent to the same food with gluten. Taste and high quality in gluten-free food also require a precise nutritional balance, which in my products is obtained also thanks to the collaboration with nutrition specialists.

Research and Experimentation

It is no coincidence that 2 years have gone by from the moment I started this journey to when Glunot’s workshop came to light. A journey which has also been an educational path which led to start the Academy before the company was born. The Academy is a place where gluten-free culture can be spread, where I can share my experience and where I can convey my concept of food.

This is what for me means to do research, find, try and experiment.

The final step

The last essential step for us was to verify the results of our work. The products have been subjected to the necessary analysis which confirmed the validity of our research. Sure enough, considering that the limit to define a gluten-free product is a maximum gluten content of 20 ppm, all our products have been well below this limit, reaching values of less than 10 ppm many times!

All the above is what means to me doing research: study, find and try in order to deliver to Glunot customers the best product possible!