Glunot was founded in Trysil

Glunot was founded in Trysil due to a only partially random choice of Chef Dino. He arrived in Trysil in 2008 to work on the opening of a restaurant placed inside an important hotel. Trysil immediately seemed to him the ideal place to settle and so he accepted the role of Sous Chef of the same restaurant. Since then many things have changed but he has never regretted his decision to settle in Trysil.

Trysil, a small town

Trysil is a town of about 6.500 inhabitants located in Hedmark County, Norway. Despite its small size it is one of the best ski destinations in Europe and the biggest in Norway. It attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year, mainly from Northern Europe, in summer but especially in winter, thanks to the different options for sports and recreation that the nature that surrounds it offers. Winter is the time of the year that fully characterizes Trysil. In fact, despite heavy snowfall covering it with a thick blanket of snow, everything in Trysil conveys a sense of warmth, a desire to gather around at home in good company. The summer in Trysil is however very pleasant, thanks to the mild climate and long days that last for almost 20 consecutive hours of light and which allow you to perceive in a particularly intense way the balance of man with nature.

The idea of founding the company Glunot

In a place like Trysil it was easy to put quality at the center of the entrepreneurial project; this for us means that more than just focusing on the making of a product we preferred to direct our attention to the taste experience that we want to present to our customers.

Trysil has been able to grow as a location with high environmental sustainability where even the large amount of tourists during the ski season does not alter the balance with nature. The water quality of its springs is excellent, which adds value to our products, which have an important ingredient in Trysil water.

Trysil has welcomed Glunot

The municipality and the entire Trysil community have welcomed and supported our entrepreneurial initiative with joy and involvment from the beginning. Our ideas have found support in the planning of public bodies for the economic development and innovation of Norway and this makes us even more proud and happy in having chosen to settle in Trysil.

Despite the love for Trysil and Norway, it is important to stress that Glunot’s roots are in Italy and in its culinary tradition. Also for this reason we like to say that our products are Norwegian but born from an Italian heart; elements normally very distant but when combined with shrewdness they create a product of superior quality that can satisfy any palate.

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Also remember to plan at least one visit to Glunot while holidaying in Trysil or in the surrounding area. You can taste and buy our specialties or enjoy a pizza with friends. We wait for you!