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Passion and Experience

Glunot Academy represented my official entry into the world of gluten-free

my wish to share my experience and my knowledge. Choosing to start a gluten-free diet can occur for several reasons, first of all a diagnosis of celiac disease (or gluten intolerance) in the family or the free choice of a diet. Whatever the reason behind this choice, however, it is essential to pay attention to the different requirements of the preparation of gluten-free dishes in the kitchen.

Practical and Philosophical

The international standard dictates that a gluten-free product cannot contain more than 20ppm of gluten . This standard is not easy to reach at home or in kitchens that also serve dishes with gluten because the risk of cross contact is very high. In order to avoid that, a specific technical knowledge is required, covering, for example, aspects related to the environment, dishes and hygiene. This knowledge is achieved during the courses held by the Glunot Academy.

My philosophy of not giving up the taste and pleasure of food when choosing gluten-free is also at the center of the Glunot Academy’s proposals. Recipes that are nice to look at and good to eat are indeed studied, created and presented here.


“My philosophy: No renunciation of the taste, the taste and the pleasure of food. So, in the Glunot Academy are studied,
presented and made recipes beatiful to see and good to eat.”


Something for everybody

The training courses differ according to the type of attendees. For families and for cooking enthusiasts there are seminars and courses of a few hours to deepen the knowledge of recipes and gluten-free preparations. For the kitchen professionals who instead require a professional approach to the gastronomic preparations there are the master-classes that often are single-issue sessions focused on a single category of preparations and lasting 1 or 2 days.

Trysil represents an ideal location for Glunot Academy as it allows to combine training with moments of relaxation. As a matter of fact the Academy sessions often take place during a weekend, both in summer and in winter, which allows both classroom work and outdoor experiences in direct contact with nature. We have  wonderful hotels and cottage in the area, offering adequate accommodation for all types of attendees in our training courses.