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Born in Norway

From Italian Heart

The history of Glunot is identified with my own history. My name is Raimondo Arnone, I was born in the province of Naples in 1979 and my staff has been calling me Chef Dino for a long time.

I have always had the passion for cooking and catering and this passion led me to attend the Hotel school in Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples. From that moment on I can say that I have never left the culinary world where I started working summer season, while I was still attending school.

I have never even stopped studying and improving myself. I have attended several specialization courses with the best teachers and Chefs in the world: techniques of pastry, pizza, bakery and more. At the same time I started my career first as commis de cuisine, then as a Chef de partie and finally becoming Executive Chef in an important and prestigious hotel chain present worldwide.


My work has led me to travel all over Europe

In order to start and manage kitchens of a lot of restaurants and over time I had to face the need to meet the requests of special customers, with special dietary requirements due to intolerances and allergies.

I remember the first contact I had with celiac disease: I was still commis de cuisine and I had arranged a banquet for my cousin’s Rosaria birthday. Among the guests I saw a girl who, instead of tasting the dishes I had prepared, ate food she had brought from home. I asked about her to my cousin, who replied to me, in a low voice, almost as if it was something to be ashamed of, “you know, she is celiac”. At that time there was still little talk of this type of disorder and there was a limited awareness. The diagnoses were quite rare and imprecise. Only recently more precise protocols and systems of investigations and diagnosis have been developed, allowing to have a real measure of the spreading of this disease.

It seemed unfair to me

For us Italians mealtime is an occasion that, in addition to sharing food, characterizes conviviality, the time of feeling good together with friends and relatives. Chat, having fun, spend entire days around a table full of deli foods is something traditional during festivities and even for birthdays, weddings and similar events. Watching a person being somehow excluded by all this led me to deepen my knowledge of the problem by talking with doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and colleagues who in the meantime had developed their technical skills on the subject (even if they were still very few).

Furthermore in the last decade gluten-free diet or low gluten diet has become an healthy food choice for an increasing number of people. Without going into the matter of this choice, since that first experience I have set myself the goal of creating gluten-free dishes and foods that are similar in taste, appearance and consistency to those containing gluten.

“My work has led me to travel all over Europe, to start and manage

kitchens of many restaurants and over time I had to face the need

to meet the requests of special customers”

I first brought this concept

To the kitchens of the restaurants that I opened and followed in the start-up phase, creating specific kitchen areas with dedicated dishware, chefs trained in the preparation of these recipes and ingredients studied and balanced and the result of a in-depth research meant to offer the maximum pleasure and taste even to those who, by choice or need, eat gluten-free.

The first of the last two steps of this path was the opening of Glunot, a small company today, but with growth ambitions, where I apply the results of my researches and the production techniques that I have worked out during my years of experience and  where with my exclusive recipes I offer to my customers top quality products ranging from Italian pizza and American pizza to bread, pasta, crackers and cakes (pies, biscuits and muffins) strictly gluten free but also without giving up taste and the Italian pleasure for good food.


The second step was the opening of Glunot Academy:

the ideal place to teach individual customers how to get the best  from a gluten-free diet straight in their own kitchen and share the trade tricks and techniques to professional chefs (in specific masterclasses) that will then allow them to offer their own customers the best gluten-free culinary experience possible.

I hope you will appreciate our products and you’ll also recommend them to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Enjoy your meal!